Personal Training in Leeds

Personal Training

Equilibrium Health is Leeds’ only completely private Personal Training studio. Working for many years in the fitness industry and lecturing in Health and Fitness as well as conditioning for top sports teams, former professional Rugby League player, Jon Wray MSc, has devised the most efficient way of changing physiques and improving health.

Our clients include actors, professional dancers, opera singers, ultra runners, footballers, boxers, people with chronic back pain, MS and wheelchair users as well as people who have never set foot in a gym before!

What makes us different?  Well first of all we complete an extensive Health Assessment which means we use science, not pot luck, to ensure you get results.

We’re also fully private – no one else is in the Personal Training room during your sessions so even gym phobics have come to love their workouts with us as they can progress without feeling self conscious.

Your progression is constantly tracked and reassessed so your motivation comes from seeing real results!

Our focus is your success. We don’t make clients fit it with the gimmicky training methods an Instructor may have learnt on the latest fad regime. We use proven methods that achieve results as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Our business has been built on word of mouth recommendations – we do very little advertising. If we didn’t get the results people want we wouldn’t have a business. Oh, and the best bit is – you’ll enjoy it! We’ve have clients that have been coming to us for 20 years. We think that means they like us!


Personal Training Offer!

Half price Health Assessment! Offer ends 31st July 2018.

Our Personal Training Systems

Private personal training in one of our two fully equipped gyms.  Forty five minute or 60 minute sessions available.

All the privacy and focus of our one to one session but you can split the cost with a friend!

Are you a member of a gym but not getting the results you want?  Then  our PT Takeaway is ideal for you.  We fully assess your current health and fitness in your first session and find out exactly what you’re wanting to achieve.  In  your second session we go through your programme so you know exactly the technique and intensity you need to be using.  We recommend you do your programme for six to weight weeks then come back for another assessment and programme.

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