Fat Loss Boot Camp in the Centre of Leeds

Why your body hates you!

Equilibrium Health offer a completely unique Fat Loss Boot Camp experience. Not only will you shed the weight but you’ll increases energy levels, improve your sleep and lower stress levels!

You see although High Intensity exercise is a great way to shift weight, too much of it, on top of a stressful lifestyle, can leave you feeling drained. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to fat gain, especially around your middle and can also contribute to Type Two Diabetes.

So as well as the High Intensity Boot Camp classes we run, we offer and encourage you to also join our Pilates, Animal Flow and Barre Technique classes to truly find a balanced approach to weight loss.  In fact some of our clients have achieved amazing weight loss results ONLY doing Pilates classes with us and following the eating plan!

You get –

28 days of unlimited classes

Fat loss eating plan

Daily emails to keep you on track and motivate you

Online coaching support from Claire

All this with our Equilibrium Health family of clients – only 6-10 people in a class so we can really make sure you’re exercising effectively to meet your goals!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Offer

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Boot Camp Basics

So what happens next?
Sign up and your 28 days of unlimited classes starts on your first visit
Within 24 hours you get a full shopping list and eating plan
There are no faddy foods and you won’t be hungry.
You have access to all our classes, including Boot Camps, Pilates and the Barre Technique! Make sure you book your classes in advance for the month so you’ve got your place!
You get daily emails telling you exactly what to eat so all the guess work is taken away
So what will you be eating?
Fresh Healthy Produce – Fish/Meat/Veggies/Eggs
Whole grains
Fruit And Herbal Teas
Tons of water
And you will get a cheat meal where you can eat anything you fancy during the plan.
You can do that for 28days!
We’ll be with you every step of the way, we’ll support you and help you but you’ll also change the way you think about food. We guarantee you will emerge from this process leaner, positive and happier with yourself than you are today!

All foods on our Fat Loss Boot Camp Eating plan can be bought at any supermarket.  You’ll be eating real food, not shakes.  We need your email address to send your eating plan and daily emails. Apart from that all you need is a willingness to follow the plan for 28 days!

The usual weight loss on our 28 day plan is between 7 and 15 pounds plus 3 inches off your waist.   Not only that but clients report much better energy levels, relief from joint pain and better sleep!  The only problem is you may need a whole new wardrobe….

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