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The Barre Pilates Method combines Ballet Barre exercises, Pilates, Body conditioning and Pilates stretches for a total body workout designed to lift, tighten and tone!
These workouts have taken the US by storm and Equilibrium Health is proud to be one of the first in the UK to offer this amazing workout!
Although this is a low impact class expect to sweat and feel the burn! Perfect for people who want to see definition and tone without adding bulk.
Pilates Trainer, Claire Wray has worked with Cherry Baker, leading Teacher Trainer and Fitness Presenter to create The Barre Pilates Method. It takes the very best from the work of Joseph Pilates and applies it to ballet barre exercises for a workout anyone can do – dancer or not! The addition of body conditioning exercises and fabulous stretches make it an all round workout targeting those problem areas.
Here’s what some of our clients are saying
‘Lift’s my bum like no other workout!’
‘Challenging but fun – I’m addicted!
‘I’ve tried everything, the gym, yoga, Pilates, spinning – this is all I do now and I’m in the best shape ever.’
‘Everything is tightening and lifting – never thought that would happen at my age!’
‘I feel like a ballerina!’
‘Love it!’
‘A great preparation for my skiing holiday!’


Are you a Pilates teacher looking for another income stream and would like to use your Pilates training in a new, exciting way?  Log onto for details of becoming a Barre Pilates Method teacher with Cherry Baker and Claire Wray!

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